Book One of the Charmed Series

 Struggling romance writer Cari Parrish inherits a necklace with the power to make her rich, famous, and wildly creative. And it’s the “wild” part that’s the problem. Now she’s not just writing internationally best-selling epics—she’s seeing ghosts, having visions, and generating golems of her characters every time she turns around. And that’s to say nothing of the dark family secrets she’s uncovering. Or Nick Albanesi, the disarming, distracting man who’s just bought out the literary agency that handles all the Parrish family business.

No matter how hard Cari tries, she can’t keep Nick from getting pulled into all her crazy. But how can she tell him the real reason she’s a global phenomenon? And how can she admit it’s thoughts of him that are keeping her up at night?

When Nick won’t leave her side, she begins to believe he feels it, too. But will she be able to handle the life, and the love that comes to her when she’s the charmed one?

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