Book Two in the Charmed Trilogy

Will’s wife has really done it now. Tatiana should have never taken the family “lucky charm” from her famous sister, let alone put it on. Turns out, the magic in that necklace is real. And the minute Tatiana opens that locket, she’s kidnapped by werewolves. Well, not werewolves exactly—golems of an immortal wolf pack she’d written into Moonrise fan fiction, years ago.

And they don’t know his brilliant, beautiful wife is just a literature professor. These chopper riding, Chippendale wannabes think she’s their leading lady—and she’s too enchanted to correct them. Now he’s got no choice but to put on the necklace, and go after her. Its power tumbles him into a world of dark magic, and her family’s fateful brush with Edgar Allan Poe, 160 years ago.

With so much riding on the connection they share, does Will have enough magic in him to bring her back?

Coming Soon in Spring 2020!