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How a Failed Short Story Turned into One of My Best Novels

All the Way Home

by Liza Jonathan I probably shouldn’t be admitting this, but I find short stories really, really hard. Especially romancey ones. Why? Because I can’t stop myself from developing these complex back stories for the characters, and then it gets too long and collapses under its own weight. Yada Yada. Every writer has their weaknesses, right? […]

Character Arcs, Christmas feels, and why magic is at the heart of The Christmas We Knew

  We all have regrets. If you could go back in time and do it all over again, knowing what you know now—what would you change? The answer to that, for many of us, would fill a book. And, for my characters at least, that’s exactly what I’ve done with my new, magic-fueled Christmas release […]