Why I Write Paranormal Romances

As I’ve been telling people about my new career in writing, and explaining to them what I’m writing, I often get a lot of funny looks. Why write a romance with magic, creatures, ghosts, and visions? Why not just write a nice sweet contemporary romance?

The simple answer would be because I can. And because I want to.

But the more nuanced answer might actually be found in this this single piece of mixed media art right here, produced by my dear friend Gwendolyn Dunleavy. This lovely piece hangs in my home. I am blessed beyond belief to be surrounded by artistic friends–writers, painters, musicians, sculptors. And when Wendy produced this piece as the anchor for her thesis exhibition when she got her master’s degree in art, I snapped it up. It spoke to me, immediately, though I couldn’t say why.

When I talked to her about her inspiration for it, she told me “the world is full of color—so much color, we can’t even see it. There’s a riot of creation happening all around us, all messy and mis-matched, and yet, in its own way it’s all part of the cohesive whole.”

It took years for that thought to fully percolate for me. But when I set my hands to the keyboard to start writing, it came back to me. The world is full of magic and wonders, if only we take the time to look. There’s a current of magic that runs through all things. You could say that it’s God, or the Force, or the AllSpark or the simple scientific wonder of symmetry and life. However you choose to articulate it, we all know its there.

That magic, for me, is in the mountains, and the wildness of home. It’s in the folklore and culture and mysteries of those mountains. And most of all, it’s in love. It’s in the magic of finding that one true connection that will sustain you for a lifetime.

I write about plugging into that magic, through love and sex and story. I write escapist, genre fiction that asks the question—what would you do if something truly magical happened to you today? It’s a great leaping off point for a story that can transport you. And my hope, dear readers, is that by running away with me for a few hours, you’ll find a little more magic in the world. Your world.

Magic, after all, is only as real as we make it.

Happy reading, y’all.