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The Real Mountain Magic Behind Sweet Like Christmas

Sweet Like Christmas

I was raised in West Virginia. And no matter where it is I roam on this green earth, I have found that it is my West Virginia-ness that seems to have stuck with me. That became especially apparent when I started writing fiction. Every time my fingers touched the keys, I found the author voice […]

The Very Real West Virginia Wonders in The Christmas We Knew

I’m a West Virginia girl at heart, so when it came time for me to publish some of my first novels, the urge to celebrate what’s good about my mountain state was just too irresistable. I hope that when you’re reading my latest book, The Christmas We Knew, you’ll enjoy some of the amazing, Christmassy […]

What am I researching? Cars, motorcycles, and hot, tattooed men. Some days, it doesn’t suck to be me.

Setting your romance novel in a hot rod shop definitely has its advantages. Not the least of which is the endless hours I can spend looking at classic cars for sale and scrolling through photos of hot men with tattoos. I’m diligent. Very, very diligent, LOL. Seriously, though, it has been a treat coming up […]

Character Arcs, Christmas feels, and why magic is at the heart of The Christmas We Knew

  We all have regrets. If you could go back in time and do it all over again, knowing what you know now—what would you change? The answer to that, for many of us, would fill a book. And, for my characters at least, that’s exactly what I’ve done with my new, magic-fueled Christmas release […]

The St. James Court Art Show. Yeah, It Really Is That Cool.

There’s a reason I set the biggest scene in my first novel at the St. James. It really is that cool. And on the first weekend in October, there’s not a place on earth I’d rather be. I love walking among the neighborhood’s incredible Victorian mansions, breathing in the crisp fall air, redolent with the […]

Mr. Conrad, the Widows, and the Persistent Haunting of the Conrad-Caldwell House

Well his name is on the door, after all. Who could blame Mr. Conrad for coming back home? The Conrad-Caldwell house is one of the jewels of Old Louisville’s extraordinary neighborhood, St. James Court. So much so, in fact, that the neighborhood made it into a museum for the public. They have since filled it […]

Are There Really Ghosts at the Seelbach Hotel?

Yes, Virginia, there have been numerous documented sightings of ghosts at the Seelbach Hotel, Louisville’s grand historic downtown hotel. It’s been around since the mid 1800s, so, it stands to reason. If there really is such a thing as ghosts, and I have the misfortune of dying and becoming one, I would make a beeline […]