There’s magic in those hills—a powerful sorcery that comes out to play during the holidays. It only appears to those who need it. But if you’re lucky enough to be tangled in its spell, you just might never want to leave…

Wrecking Christmas

In a mysterious mountain town that grants Christmas wishes, love was the one gift they didn’t see coming. Come along with Hunter and Kathryn on their sexy trip through a place you can’t find on any map…


Winner of the 2020 HOLT Medallion for excellence in published Romance Fiction


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The Christmas We Knew

Hopper is a thief, an ex-con and the kind of man who walked out on the love of his life, for her own good. Until a last-minute stop at a mysterious mountain Christmas shop changes all that. And the two magical hillbillies running the place send him back in time—right into the red-hot welcome of his lost love’s arms…


New Release! Available starting October 2020 on Amazon and Kindle Unlimi

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