Sammi Albanesi doesn’t want any part of the “lucky charm” her famous stepmother gave to her years ago. She can get her career as a sculptor up off the ground all by herself, thank you very much.

But lately, a bad breakup has her doubting every choice she’s ever made. And she can feel the necklace calling to her, in whispers. Telling her she’s special. That she can be more, if only she puts it on. And the blood that runs through her veins connects her to the origins of the necklace like no wearer before her.

No one sees its danger except for Tennyson Knox, her best friend in the studio next door. And that danger soon comes knocking, in the form of an ever-shifting golem master that has Tennyson in his grip. Now Sammi has to save the man who’s loved her all along. And along the way, she learns that crazy, sexy love is the only magic worth having…

Liza Says:  This book is now under development. And I’m coming up with all kinds of fireworks to end this intriguing series. Expect bombshells you didn’t see coming, hot workshop sex, and a fitting end to this golem saga that started more than a century ago. Ooo, it’s gettin’ spicy up in here!